A Note in Ramadhan

This Ramadhan is very challenging. 18 hours – breastfeeding – assist new toddler shaum is giving me a very wonderful experience, especially in managing  my patience. Honestly, it defied my confidence in first two days.

Luckily, I found this very encourage note. The 10 points to excelling Ramadhan.

  1. Have the hunger of success in Ramadhan
  2. Set high goal
  3. Build confidence
  4. Do ibadah that you love as priority in Ramadhan, and excel in that
  5. Learn from the success story of people (e.g. prophet and his companions), and follow it
  6. Associate yourself with good companies
  7. Go all out and be high achiever (think that this is your last Ramadhan)
  8. Be adaptable, and expect changes in plan, but stick to objective and never quit
  9. Remember virtue of what you are achieving, e.g. fasting, qiyamul lail, charity, etc
  10. Never give up

Wish for success in last 11 days in this Ramadhan. Amiin.

*note is taken from his status
*pic from here


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