Two weeks ago, Bhumi had his first costume party in his playgroup. It’s like Haloween in US, here the festival called Fastelavn.

After tried to find in nearby toy/costume shop or in second hand website, we didn’t find any good (price and kind) costume for Bhumi. So I decided to make the easy one. But, suddenly mr.A brought home a costume, The Lion. He got an info from his collage that there’s a good place to find good costume for toddler with very reasonable price. So he got that costume and Bhumi loved it much.

He enjoyed it much. Walked from apartment to the class with the costume and play with others kid. He’s so cute. *kisskisstheLion*


ps. unfortunately, my handmade costume was too small, and just finished fixing the costume an hour ago :D. Thanks to mr.A for the costume. 😀


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