Hos Brandstasionen

Bhumi loves the siren, from police car, ambulance, or the firetruck. He likes to make a sound of the siren when he plays with his cars and also dances when he sees and hears the sirene. It’s because we live nearly to a firefighter station, we can hear the siren almost every hour. Inspired by her post, I plan to take him to the nearest fire station. Then two weekends ago, when ayah and B played in the park, they saw group of kids passing trough the park wearing the firefighter cap, walked from the fire station. Ayah thought that might be a tour for kids to the firestation.

lille brandmand

Then I searched in their website and found that actually the Copenhagen Fire Brigade (Københavns Brandvæsen)  held an open fire to Copenhagen resident every spring, along the May, in different firestation each week (there were 6 fire stations do this open fire)  and so last weekend, we went to Copenhagen fire station in Vestebro.

When we came, Bhumi was so excited. He run around the fire truck, amazed by the red color and how big the car. He loved to wear the red firefighter cap which unfortunately hard to wear because strong wind always blew it (yes it was 17 m/s). But still, the excitement never end to Bhumi. We saw a rescue demo using the small firetruck with ladder to save the teddy bear, and all kids could try using water hoses. It’s a real fun.

The next morning, Bhumi still feel the heap. Woke up, ran to his red car and wore his firefighter cap and made sound of siren ;p.


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