Two weeks ago, Bhumi’s class, Komet stuen, went to the farm in Frederiksværk called Grønnehavegård. This time, the parents were invited to assist their kid, so I went with Bhumi. The kids were excited when the bus came. They sat on the available car-seat that already attached on the bus chair (yes indeed, the bus company must provide the car-seat when they serve these bunch of cute little passengers), and calmly enjoy the journey. The farm is approximately half an hour trip by bus from Copenhagen.

Grønnehavegård now owned by Peder Schierning, but when we came there, Niels, Dina and their granddaughter Isabella greeted us. They guided us to see their collections. There were numbers and kinds of animal. Rabbits, Cats and Kittens, Roosters (which are as big as Bhumi), Sheep, Danish Cows, Horses and Ponnies, Pigeon, Pigs, Ducks and big Hamster. All the kids were so excited. They played with the little rabbits, the kittens (Bhumi loves rabbits and kittens), tried to catch the cat, fed the sheep and cows (yes they eat breads of course), rode the pony and tour with tractor

Then we had a fun picnic lunch in the garden. It was really fun day.

Bhumi loved this tour much. He saw a lot of truck passed our bus in our way to go, it already made him happy. He loved the fluffy rabbit and kitten. He was amazed by red tractor which bring us saw the whole farm and the big cows. And he didn’t even fear when he fed the sheep, tried to catch the rooster and rode the pony. He also made a sheep sound ‘Baaa….baaa…’ along the cage, or ‘Moooo….” when he passed the big cow. He just loved it.

And surely, made him very tired. He fell asleep a minute after the bus started to take us way home. See you again the animal :). Thank you for the good day.

Helsingevej 98, 3300 Frederiksværk
Open :
– Summer : 26 June – 9 August, 11-16
– Autumn : 13 – 19 October , 11 – 16
Price : 50 dkk , Infat (<1y.o) free


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