Au Revoir, GSG ITB!

It’s been 12 years, when the first time I stood in queuing in front oh this building, brought my dream as one of fellow student in the best institute (they said). I remember that time, shivering, to see my unknown friend came from all over the country, which I believed so much, they exactly are the best student ever. I remember when I met my first best friend for the next 5 years, bumped into me, asking for a pen, then we were a flatmate, a classmate and a dinner mate. I remember how disappointing when I got 11 as my student number identity. Nailed in my mind, the buzzing sound inside this building, when people go around with their business, or busy to fill the registration form or the sound from speaker calling someone name. Then I remember the excitement when I was officially being a college student when I crossed the exit door.  This big hall filled by happiness, that time.

And after years, serving the student activity, it comes to an end. A few days ago, this memorable building completely vanished. Probably will build a new building for improvement purpose. Then, I just imagine, the memories of this place disperse to the air and back to the owner. Then, so long, au revoir, GSG ITB.

Even if I look at the clock, I don’t have time now, goodbye
Even if I look at the calendar, I don’t have any memories now
[ Expired Date – Tablo ]


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