Dear TV

With whole things happened in Indonesia currently, I think this lyric shows my feeling very well.

Dear TV,
Desensitize me.
Gimme more genocide please.
The world is your aphrodisiac,
so you stay turned on every minute,
every second I breathe.
You weaponize greed,
kill me with incessant I-needs.
Got me checkin’ out those,
and checkin’ out these.
Mainstream me, disinfectin’ my breed.
I’m lookin’ for nirvana but you Geffenize me.
Point me to the skies till heaven’s eye bleeds.
Anoint me with your lies then divinize me.
If heaven is a show, well, televise me.
But I won’t lie my way in, no fakin’ IDs.
I’ll die standin’. Try breakin my knees.
I’ll do a handstand like I’m breakin’.
Now freeze.

Don’t act like you know me ’cause you recognize me.
You sell my record, not me.

– Tablo –

and please check his music. He is a genius lyricist anad musician.


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