Morning Walk

This is what we usually do in the morning. I will accompany Bhumi strolling around with his bike. The best way to enjoy the morning scenery, take  a deep breath fill my lung with the fresh air, let the body synthesize the vitamin D by exposed by the sunlight and also explore the neighborhood. I realize, in the middle of city chaotic, we blessed by the nature silent and protect by the high tree while we still can hear the bird chirping and the song of cicada.

morning dew

The beautiful morning dew on a leave and shines like a diamond. The trace of warm night meet the cold surface.

bhumi and his bike

Bhumi and his two-wheels bike. He wanted to match his shoes and his red bike.

furniture seller

Morning start with a few peddler across the street. The green peddler, the tofu and tempeh and especially the rotan furniture peddler.

giant spider

And we found a big spider which size almost as big as adult palm hanging in its web between the branch of pine tree on our way back home. The appearance looks like Tim Burton’s character in Nightmare Before Christmas. Creepy and awesome.


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