How Come?

Mr.A still curious how come I became a Korean music listener nowadays. It more confusing for him when I ask his permission to attend one of Korean performer concert in June. He said, I was too late a decade for being a boyband/artist fangirl. He knew well  , that I was a J-music listener for long time and we both are Genki Sudo fans. What I can say is, Music is universal language, attached to people in strange way. So beat it. Even I’m not in high fever of Korean wave, I need to admit that I love a few of them, because of their genius lyric and music, then a crush (blush).

So, the first contact to Korean music was when I heard the music from Korean young talented guitarist, Sungha Jung. I knew him from video which posted by my friend, who attended his recital in Copenhagen. Sung Ha Jung is an awesome guitarist. I remember, how his play calmed Bhumi very well. When I started to follow his video on youtube, then I found he covered his fellow Korean musician. Since then I started my adventure in Korean Music. I posted one of my favorite song and my favourite lyric.

So this is it, my first contact.


2 thoughts on “How Come?

  1. as for me, my first encounter with Korean music was actually through one K-Indie group, Clazziquai (they once had a colab with Tablo in “Love Mode”). just like CL said “Even if you don’t understand the language, you can still love the music.” *tapi mungkin emg bener rada telat satu dekade sih ya buat jadi fangirl..hiks..*

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