A Beautiful Hangover

Got me flyin’ so high’n
And I won’t stop bringin’ and bringin’ that

– BigBang [Beautiful Hangover]- 

I didn’t remember when the last time I feel like a teenager and have spirit like 20’s, screaming loud when I see my idol, and jumped like kid, but I felt it last Saturday. I had chance to have my second concert (in my life), seeing my favourite singer in his world tour. It was excited moment, and hard to be calm. As a mom, it’s not everyday moment to have (very) me time, leaving the precious one with someone else, and then enjoy the show. But the backup was doing very best and let me take a plesure that night. So there I was, in the middle of screaming-energetic fangirl, smiling widely, seeing G Dragon and his guest star and band mate, T.O.P.


It was a great concert, an energetic performance, a fully built spirit with awesome pace, also a high tech video art performance and astonishing stage. Eventhough less conversation, when GD start a little convo, it was warm in my heart. He spoken with his lyric and GDragon sang like he was no lack of energy and dancing spiritedly. It awesome. And surely, I can’t stand to scream when the guest star appear on stage. He is my…. (ahhh better not to say it). When they performed my most favorite song from their mini Album, High High, I can’t stop jump, sing and scream (can you imagine that), their voice resonate very well, in low-high tone and I feel so high. SO HIGH!!!! and the rest of the show is just the best moment in my life.


I couldn’t get any better of this. It is because my lovely mr.A, who bought me the ticket as our 4th anniversary gift. I love you, my dear husband. Also my parents, the best wing persons in my life, for taking care Bhumi that night, I love you both, thank you for gave me this chance.

And when next morning came, I can still feel the hype, the beat, my brain still worked in last night songs, and most special thing was I woke up seeing Bhumi’s sweet-widest smile. It’s a real beautiful hangover.

ps. I have a few new friends, which didn’t believe that I was a mom, with a lil boy and already in my 30’s. They believe I was 23 🙂

pps. Dear Kwon Jiyong, you’re a great. A genius. Adoring you much. Seeing you on stage, it just incredible. And you, mr. Seunghyun, your sweet deep voice…melt my heart…


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