Quote of the day

Love is a journey, not a destination. To be in love takes a lifetime, and if you’re lucky, an eternal lifetime in the Hereafter as well. Throughout their lives together, two people will embark on a journey of growth, struggle, happiness, patience, and learning a completely new vocabulary of words to show admiration, anger, compassion, understanding, hatred, lust, and passion. Just as in any other adventurous journey, they will come upon moments when they will question whether or not it’s worth it to keep going. The ones that have lost their way in love will look back and say, “I’m already too far out, there’s no point turning back,” while those still in love will look forward and say, “Today may be tough, but let’s keep going and see if we can make tomorrow better.” Which path their journey takes depends on the two people and their drive to reignite their love often, to make sure they have enough light to make it to the Hereafter. So, before embarking on this journey with anyone, ask yourself if you feel the two of you will be looking backwards or forwards when your love is tested. Find the one that keeps pushing you forward towards greatness, and not the one that keeps holding you back. And remember, mirages are common at the beginning of every relationship journey.

Nadir Keval (via ulfahregar) –


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