My first action figure was a robot called Sasuraiger. My father bought when I was 3 years old after both of us watched the anime called Ginga Shippū Sasuraigā (銀河疾風サスライガ), still using the betamax version. Since that time, I imagine one day I will be a pilot, a robot pilot like the member of JJ9 and explore the space.


As time goes by, I found that being a pilot robot is more attached to the robot itself. Not only as a rider but also the main brain. It connected to pilot nerves system and ride with the rider body. So then you are the robot.


After a long time without movie date, last Sunday, I and mr.A finally had one. Bhumi taken care by the grandparents and played happily with his cousin. We watched the recent live action mecha called Pasicfic Rim a movie by Guillermo Del Torro. It’s a very cool movie, I feel like 5 years old kid watching her favorite movie, a wide eyes and act like the hero. The robots, Jaeger (Jäger) was build for defense earth and human from Kaiju (怪獣) . The story telling and plot was not my favorite, but the action, beyond my imagination. I love the robot mechanical and motion detail. In my opinion, the monster is basically based on Ultraman monster and the robots look like the Evangelion. Even the main lady character is close to Rei Ayanami. But, it didn’t matter. The way Del Torro composed the story especially detailed in robot was awesome.


And my favorite is the Crimson Typhoon. A mark 4 jaeger, built in China, and piloted by the Wei triplets. The lightest one and the unique one, using three pilots instead two as usual, but least story. So what I need is the spin off, the story behind the Crimson Typhoon and the mysterious one, Cherno Alpha, the Russian Jaeger piloted by The Kodonovsky. So please, make it true mr. Del Torro.


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