Be A Better Me

I never list my year resolusion and always abandon the list. While I respect those who take time to carve out their master plan, I thought I’d remove the pressure and just go with the flow. Ambition is nice and drives me on one side, but it’s becoming a bit uninspiring and mundane on the other.

This year,three of us will start a new life. One big decision will follow with another decision. A big new thing will come to us. It surely requires hard work and patience. And through previous year, I learnt about my self. I want to be easier when it comes to Bhumi, more patient both for mr.A and Bhumi and bolder to my dreams. The real drive, for me, is to simply be more mindful, present, and passionate.

This year will be great, InshaAllah. I decide to live better, be a better me. Be patient and be bold. Whatever I end up this time next year, I start with BISMILLAHIRRAHMANIRRAHIM.


ps . I quoted a tweet from one of my favourite blogger, Viera Rachmawati.


8 thoughts on “Be A Better Me

  1. semangat bunwiinnn!!! :* smoga kita bisa ktemuan dulu sbelum lo hijrah yaa, kalopun ternyata ga pas waktunya smoga ada kesempatan gw skeluarga mengunjungi kalian… amiinn… ^^

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