Ambil Hikmahnya Saja

A few days ago, I had lunch with my best friend and fellow mother, Cindy. She came with her adorable beauty baby, Datri. She is a lecturer in Environmental Engineering Program in one of university in Jakarta and stayed in Bandung for her maternal leave. Like we always did, we talked from baby thingy, parenting, baking, future project and scientific matter.

After long talk, we started to feel that the things we already passed in college days (it means when I did my master and she did her master and doctorate thesis) : doing research for thesis, read a bunch of papers, made hypothesis, did the experiment, failed in trial, then started all over again, including stayed overnight in laboratory and feel emotional breakdown, were part of preparing our ability in motherhood.


It never easy become a new mother, but I feel at ease when I try to solve the problem the way I deal with my model ( I worked on ocean numerical modeling ). Working in numerical model frustrated me sometimes, because in hundreds line of code, when one line not worked properly, it will failed the whole job, in a minute or after I’ve been waited for 24 hours. I need to check it throughly, then fix it, prior to the model work and give the best result.

And maybe, through these experiences, I didn’t push my self so hard, in motherhood and parenthood. I believe there are always possibility to solve a problem, one method didn’t work ,just another method to try. Worked well to someone kids, maybe not suit well with mine. Keep in my mind to find the way, read more book, be patient when work on trial and be easy to myself.

Perhaps, this is what people said remind their college day, “gwe sih kuliah, ambil hikmah nya aja”. Surely… I did it.

Be patient and tough; someday this pain will be useful to you.

– Ovid –


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