Welcome Ramadan

It’s been a month, since we moved to this place, and tomorrow we will face the holy month, Ramadan. After got all the luxurius in last Ramadan (I stayed in my parents house) , I need to prepare Ramadan by myself this year. I feel excited. It will be another adventure to enjoy.

Two years ago, when we still lived in Copenhagen, we had to fasting for almost 20 hours, since Ramadan came in summer. But instead of hungry, we enjoyed the summer and Ramadan with excitement. Need a little adaption for a few day, but then everything went very well. Enough liquid and fruit helped me gather the energy, since I was still breastfeed my son.

And tomorrow, we will face another challenge. The fast will shorter, but the summer weather will be ‘slightly’ different. So wish me luck.

I wrote this note in 2011, and I think it still related with todays. And I found tips to keep productive in Ramadan via thebeautyofislam.


O Allah, Your mercy I am hopeful for, so do not leave me to myself for a blink of an eye, and put all my affairs in order, there is no good but You

Abu Dawud


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