Are We Ready?

Tomorrow, I will use my right to choose the next Indonesian president. Make a choice, between two ( powerful ) candidates. Even in very clear mind, I was a risk taker, I can’t take the decision at ease.

Indeed, I was a sceptical. I don’t believe anything can change in next 5 years, related to government and birocratic issue, or in science research area. It is just another round to reboot the policy and money talking, somekind of wasting time.

Then the campaign became hideous in my social media timeline. I never got nerve to drop a comment but always feel atrocious when it came an idiotic reason to show a support to one of the candicate.

But then future itself is a change. Even I and mr.A still have no decision to going back, I choose for make a perilious decision. People are fed up. We demand a change, a little hope, for a better nation.


Then, are we ready to make a change?


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