Privacy, is it still there?

While ago, I joined a group discussion. This group, in my view, is quite smart in exposing and debating every issue that came up in conversation. But, sometimes, when someone wrote a very fierce comment which involved a famous person name/party/company, they usually made a claim first, to warn everyone in group to not make any screen capture to their comment, as they didn’t want any problem in the future. And everyone accept it very well.

I rarely read newspaper, and then I crossed the news about someone complained to her hometown via her social media account and ended up in jail. Her friend (sadly) made a screen capture from her complain, spread it and it blew up. Perfect! Then how could?


I realize, it could be a warn. I learnt important points. Our privacy becomes history (at least we closed for public). With the advent of the internet, while we put some comment or words in our account, even with our very closest and we choose them carefully, we truly placed a time bomb. People can drop a comment, agree or disagree, but others can cursed silently and spread your word as campaign to against your words without their owns words. And it made, at least, a police state in which we are both persecutor and victim, in the same time. In other part, this action proved anybody can shame anybody and the stain can endure though generation, across continents. From people you know closely to someone who accidentally read their dashboard or just wasted time googling your name. Because it means, the most modern technology has ushered in the modern era by destroying privacy and returning to primitive age of odium*. Even, open societies are slowly committing suicide by digitally amplified rumor and innuendo. It’s scary.

Otherwise, it’s better for me look after my post and sagacious in my words, so there is not haunt me in the future. Because maybe, with the internet, future generation will curse their family luck.

*odium (ˈəʊdɪəm) [noun] : general or widespread hatred or disgust incurred by someone as a result of their actions.


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