First Summer

It’s getting colder here, I can feel the autumn wind breezes a little. Please , consider your cold degree to imagine how colder here. Colder mean, the heat not reach 40ºC anymore ;). But it means a lot to me and Bhumi. We can start playing outside in the evening and biking in the morning (while I jogged).


We came to this place in the peak of summer, when the heat up to 47ºC at noon and not even colder in the morning (43ºC) or at night (45ºC). I cannot describe how hot it was, but it WAS that HOT. The first three weeks, we had to stay in hotel while ayah tried to find an apartment, I needed to make us busy and make sure Bhumi entertained enough and had proper activity. And even when we moved to new place, we still needed stay inside, because playing outside is not our choice.




So I came across the Pinterest to find the idea ” learns through play “; to introduce alphabet , number , new English words to Bhumi while we play along. Then I helped much with Chica’s Blog and Instagram (@chiceniza) (she was a cool , stylish, creative mom ever) and Instagram coolest moms ever : Stella (@stellasutjiadi), Dian (@dianilien), Mariska (@filaeli).


I found that our limited source was worked very well. The unused box from new furniture, the plastic bottle, the cereal box, the tissue roll are amazing things I ever found in our room and very useful to make activity for Bhumi.


Or if I had no idea what to play, I just asked Bhumi to hang the laundry (this trained his soft motor skills to while pinned the laundry), cleaned the window (if it “cool” enough outside), helped me cut the vegetable or rolled the cookies dough, did the vacuuming. Or let him played with his cars.


So, our hot summer, is that hot and as I said, vivacious! We are ready for autumn winter adventure, ready to explore the beach and dessert.

ps. Oh, I documented Bhumi’s activity in instagram with #Bhumitivity ;).


2 thoughts on “First Summer

  1. Gak bisa membayangkan 47 derajat sementara 23 derajat di sini kami semua misuh2 x))

    Thanks for the compliments Ndaaa…! Love all the projects and pictures, very neat…!

    1. 23 disana ada taman dan rumput yang menggoda untuk ditiduri dan dipake main Che, kalo di sini ada, gwe pasti bukan cuma misuh2…tapi minta pulang kayaknya…karena g ada dan mau ga mau harus berada di dalam rumah….yuk mari lah…

      makasih Che…aku jadi maluuuu…. ;*

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