Beautiful Reactions

Nowadays, my instagram dashboard was filled by experiment picture doing by kids and their smart mom. It always interesting doing chemical experiment: the color changing, the bubble movement, the substance transformation. Not only for kids, me as adult easily amused by the process of chemical reactions work.

And here a few amazing experiment, doing by Tsinghua University Press and University of Science and Technology of China, and beautifully filmed by Yan Liang. The moment their transformed and changed is amazing.

The project goal is

More than 100 years ago, German biologist Ernst Haeckel published his famous work Art Forms in Nature, which was very popular in his time. His exquisite, Art Nouveau style illustrations brought exotic marine and microscopic life forms to the the eyes of the public. We hope to follow the footsteps of Haeckel, using digital media and technology to bring the beauty and wonder from the chemistry world to a wide audience. In addition, we want to achieve a unique aesthetic of chemistry, making chemistry approachable and lovable. If our effects could get more kids and students interested in chemistry and change people’s negative opinion towards chemistry, we would be extremely satisfied.

This is a real happy marriage of art and science.


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