After a few sleepless nights and tired day, I feel, maybe I was too older to reach my dream. I had no energy to read and do some writing exercise at night. But when I started thinking to turn down my dream, mr.A sent me a message, “He asked for your CV *wink* “. Perhaps, I need more guts to do this thing right, a bunch of energy and much of GOD’s help, surely.


She, who wanted to fly like a bird, bought a plane ticket.
He, who wanted the skies and the seas in the palm of his hands, bought a large globe.
Everyone hangs a price tag on their dreams,
but no matter how much you spend,
your hearts are empty shopping carts.

When I was young, my dreams were a factory,
but now they are a dime-a-dozen convenience store.

Epik High ft. Taeyang | Rich –


2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Wiwiwiiwiwiiw…! Semoga ya Ndaa..! *ikutan excited*.
    31 tahun itu masih muda, akhir2 ini gw banyak “bergaul” dengan para senior berusia >65, dan beberapa di antara mereka punya kerabat yang usianya 89-100 tahun! Masih sehat dan ke mana2 sendiri. Jadi, ga ada kata tua untuk meraih mimpi..!

    *ini monolog sambil liat cermin*

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