So Long, Buddy

I need to post this moment, when our buddy got its retirement. It accompanied us in our very early journey. In its era (released first at 2008), this type is the good one. Had Windows system, GPS work very well, long live battery (5 days without charging in normal use), front and back camera, touch screen, wifi and bluetooth. Even mine was less modern than this one. But Mr.A never bother with all this gadgety things. He dislike every messanger, he only have one social media account, he read his email in his laptop. So his phone was used as a phone, to make a call and send messages. That’s why he not even care if there were new type of phone or even think to change to new one.

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

As a  technology product, at the end, it reached its peak. The battery got dull after almost 7 years, and died slowly. Then so long, Buddy. Thank you for save our memory in Bali, Trieste, Milan and Paris.

ps. It still used for morning alarm, because the sound is annoying.


3 thoughts on “So Long, Buddy

  1. Mas Samson7555 ini spam ya? haha.. baru ya gw sadari kalau di kampus gw ada beberapa teman yg ngga punya whatsapp dan dia survive.. Dan gw juga baru tau kalau beli paket internet dpt 1000 sms dan 100 menit telepon. Jadi buat apa msg-an kalau bisa sms-an.. katanya dia..

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