First Year

Cities are smells: Acre is the smell of iodine and spices. Haifa is the smell of pine and wrinkled sheets. Moscow is the smell of vodka on ice. Cairo is the smell of mango and ginger. Beirut is the smell of the sun, sea, smoke, and lemons. Paris is the smell of fresh bread, cheese, and derivations of enchantment. Damascus is the smell of jasmine and dried fruit. Tunis is the smell of night musk and salt. Rabat is the smell of henna, incense and honey. A city that cannot be known by its smell is unreliable.

Mahmoud Darwish |Β In the Presence of Absence –

I remember, a year ago, at 7 o’clock, we arrived in this city. It was 36 degC, humid, and the smell of the sun-hot sand-sea was hanging in my nose.

Through our first hot summer and amazing winter, now we are ready for the new adventure. More place to explore , more journal to write, to keep the memory.

Wish us luck.


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