4/366 : Playing Game

I and mr.A usually play board game, called Carcassonne but then we rarely played it after we had B. Nowadays, me and the boys start to play easy board game like Ludo or Ladder and Snake, almost every weekend. I even start to teach B to play chess. We enjoyed much the games.

Do we play any computer/pad/phone game? Yes, we do, indeed. B played sometimes. We downloaded a few easy games for him and played it in our pad. Mr.A plays football game in his phone. Years ago he usually played a lot a football game called Football Manager in his computer, but now, easier using the mobile version.

And me? I trapped in a game which I avoided for years because this game made my computer crashed and I almost lost all my undergraduate project report, The Sim City. Then after 12 years, I started to play the mobile version of this game and quite addiction. But I enjoyed it :).

So, do you play any game? Board game or computer game?


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