18/366 : Live Lately

Back to normal.

I got my breakfast in very slow pace, I sipped my cup of coffee religiously and sit for pages of book. After 7 months had rush mornings, I can feel my own breath now. More kisses for my lil boy and having a lot of silly talks with my big boy. More energy to make a delicate dinner and time to re-arrange my house. I didn’t even have time to unpack a luggage full of books from last apartement. But, I have now.


How about two weeks spring break?
We didn’t go anywhere as we planned. First week, B got sick then mr.A and last but not least, myself. Fortunately (unfortunately), we canceled our plan to have short holiday (bye bye Manchester or even Maldives). Like the universe had their own plan to has us laying down, took a big rest. The second week, we tried to recover and cathced up with few friends and had playdate. Physical, mind and soul full recovery.

So, here I am. Try to commit to write more and read more. Oh did I just passed the #musicmonday for a month?? Believe me, I did on purpose xx.

Have a lot of thought of being stay and away from home. Need to write it down soon.


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