19/366 : Get Sick

I had a long discussion with one of my friend about how exactly happened while your body have fever or you get cough, even when you have morning sickness. My friend told me about Toxemia, what she called a condition while body poisoned by toxic and body got enervated (less nerve energy) to take the toxin out from body and make us sick. Instead we put chemical medicine, she recomended to have a lot of rest and have fasting for last 12 hours. She gave me few articles to read about this (1),(2),(3).

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.14.45

I, actually,was not anti-medicine. While living in Copenhagen, doctor never gave B any prescription to take, even if ask, they would recommend us adol (paracetamol) and always asked to have a lot of water, less spicy food and get more rest. It made us, not used to take any medicine. It changed a lot while we back to our home country.

But last few months, I admitted, easily to give B paracetamol to give him comfort while he had fever at night just to make sure he could sleep through the night and get better next morning. Now I feel so much guilty. I even took more paracetamol nowadays to lose the pain. I am not patient enought to enjoy my pain. I need to reduce this also.

While I tried to reduce medicine intake in our family, my family kept asked me to give medicine and always questioned when there are no antibiotics to take. As I remember, I never let B get antibiotic.

Get sick was never easy. Instead of make our body asked for help, better give a good food, healthy food, healthy diet, give more work out, healthy mind to build happy soul. Learn more about how to act to your body and choose the best to get inside your blood.

Be health, be happy.


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