30/366 : #musicMonday Twenty One Pilot : Ride

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Back to Abu Dhabi means have a long trip everywhere. For example , the nearest mall is either reached in 20-30 minutes which is 16 kms far or 20 minutes for 20 kms. We usually ride a car, the easiest the coziest. While mr.A is driving, I usually listen to the radio. My music preference is the-easy-to-listen what radio provided. So then the song from Twenty One Pilot catched my ear. The lyric said

Oh, I’m falling, so I’m taking my time on my ride

Ride | Twenty One Pilot

And suddenly I think, I guess the band or the singer should be from a place in United States. A state with long road from one city to another, so the song writer or the lead singer can spend driving to clear his mind. And  my thought was true, based on Wiki, the band , is from Ohio. No wonder the lyric became like that. 


Can a song describe a demographic condition?

Surely, I believe it can. Music had changed time to time. One genre grew and dissolved to another genre. Music is usually used as a propaganda or a campaign. Meanwhile revolution and reformation in the world also gave an effect to music, created new style of and affected the lyric. Music talked as an universal language, and passed the barrier to communicate. So, music should be a way to describe how the human races live their life.

I imagine, few thousands years later or if human races disappears, and another living creature find our music traces or records, can they describe our social life, our culture, our political view or our life style?


Because NASA try once to answer this. They sent an information to future human with Voyager Golden Record. This record contain sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth, and are intended for any intelligent extraterrestrial life form, or for future humans, who may find them.

I’ve been thinking too much
Help me.

– Ride | Twenty One Pilot


16/366 : Hello, Morning!

I wasn’t a morning person, but my morning is always exciting while preparing my little boy’s lunch box. Started with long chit-chat about why he needs to wake up in the morning (and another why he needs to take shower ) then sent him to the school bus. A yoga class, a quite and slow breakfast then take a little nap before lunch. But there are a lot of reasons to get out of bed.


15/366 : Breathe

After all, I need to take deep breath. To calm down my hurt feeling, my anger. Breathe.

Take a deep breath
So that either side of your heart becomes numb
Exhale one more time

Until you feel the slightest of pain
It’s alright if you feel so full of air
That you feel
Nothing’s left inside you any more
No one’s blaming you
It’s alright to make mistake sometimes
It happens to the best of us

The words, “it’s okay”
They may be nothing but words
But isn’t there a way that I can
Do something about

Somebody sigh
The deep breath of sorrow
I can’t understand your innermost thoughts
But it’s okay
I’ll take you into my embrace

To others, your sigh may seem like one of tiredness
but I know
That you spent an entire day
So difficult that the smallest breath is hard to breathe.
Don’t think of that any longer
Take a deep breath

But isn’t there a way that I can
Do something about
Somebody’s sigh
That deep breath sorrow I can’t understand your innermost thoughts
But it’s okay
I’ll take you into my embrace
You’ve done so well

Breathe | Lee Hi –
Trans ikonOT7 via ladymichi90
MV is here

ps. Thank you to Lee Hi for comforting me with this beautiful song and lyric by Kim Jonghyun

14/366 : The World Book Day


Last week, B’s school celebrated the world book day. Kids invited to come wearing a book character costume/mask and there were a parade together with all kids and teachers.

Actually, I persuaded B to be ‘Cat’ in Cat in the Hat, because it was easy to make, only the hat and the tie, but then he insisted to be The Lorax, after we saw a picture of the Lorax mask in pinterest (hail pinterest!!) and this mask was even easier and simpler. He loved it much and proudly walked in parade with his friends.

In the same day, the school also gave award to students who had finished the reading challenge which held for last two months. The challenge was made to encourage the kids to read book minimal 10 minutes a day and for early readers, the parents was encouraged to help the kid to read or read for the kid. This challenge is adopt from Reading Miles Global Challenge which intend to improve parental involvement in reading to children to become confident readers.


And B was proudly awarded as one of the best challenger.