#MusicMonday Epik High – Lost One

After 2 years, Epik High is back. Today, their new album was out, Sleepless in ______. Bring all the fantastic music and lyric along the 7 tracks. Congratulation Tablo!

But, actually I was stucked to their previous album, We’ve Done Something Wonderful. I was fallen in love in almost their songs. I love Lost One. Not only this song is the OST for movie called Forgotten, which Kang Ha Neul acted brilliantly and the movie is twisted amazingly, but this song is also expressed my feeling.

This path may dazzle your eyes
But don’t be fooled by the diamonds and gold
Don’t get drunk on applause
Sometimes they will use compliments as shackles
Even when they roll out the red carpet for you, don’t forget
That it has turned red from soaking up your blood and sweat

I pray that your dream is a reachable one
I pray that your dream only shows you things you can touch
Because success takes as much as it gives
I pray that your dream doesn’t give you something too precious

– Epik High ft.김종완 of NELL| Lost One

And I love The Benefits of Heartbreak and Home is Far Away. These songs spoke my cloudy mind – my insecurity, but in the same time they comforted me with the melody and the soft voice from Lee Suhyun and Oh Hyuk. I think I found my comfort music in Epik High everytime I need to calm myself.



For my 20’s

This post is inspired by nikeprima igstory #30anuntuk20an post.

I dedicated to my 20’s. The years belong to my adventurous life.

Dear my 20’s….

Thank you.
For not gave up on your life, your dream and your love.

Thank you.
For being alive, awake and conscious in your day life.

Thank you.
For stay safe while struggling, stay sane while sad and stay smile while broken heart.

Thank you.
For keeping your closest friend, closer.

Thank you.
For spending your money to buy a lot of books.

Thank you.
For falling in love and having crush.

Thank you.
For being brokenhearted, insanely embarrassing yourself, and having sleepless nights.

Thank you.
For being brave.

Thank you.
For being alone. Traveling, watching movie, walking through the night.

Thank you.
For listening good music, singing them aloud, and sobbing while repeating them.

Thank you.
For cheering your life fully and keep the wound secretly. You rock!

Not all your dreams came true, but being there, alive and be patient, keep moving on, I am here now.
Thank you.

*pic from inkandlise

32/366 : Rejection

A : He tried six times before he got the scholarship..
B : I tried 25. Only 4 close to the interview. I think I lost all my confidence now.
C : I tried 40 times, I got them after the 41. Keep trying, not counting the rejection. It helped you better in writing and answering though.


Am I ready? Better keep trying, rite?!
picture by my Favorite Illustrator : Grant Snider in Incidental Comic

29/366 : I … Love You

Since 6 months ago, I and mr.A started (again) to ask B if he wants to sleep by himself in his room. He was 5 that time and he has his own room. He did it (before) for 3 weeks but it stopped suddenly due to our trip back to Indonesia. Since then he chose one of us to go to sleep with him all night long.

Actually I love co-sleeping with him. I and mr.A love when we both had a pillow talk a few minutes before he calmly fallen sleep. I love the smell of his baby scent and kiss him thousands time before he slept. Eventhough this  is not wise for B, I enjoyed it much.

Now he was 6 and we think it is time to convince him trying his best. I will try harder to persuade him to get in bed and sleep soundly without us beside him. I will try harder to make him believe that nothing gonna happen in his sleep because Allah always protect him and we always here with him. But maybe I’m just a mom who love his boy and his every little things.

This note is shared in facebook. I don’t know whether her account is for public or not, but I think this one is worth to share.

“Ibu-ibu Memang Payah!”

Ibu2 memang payah, waktu kamu seharusnya belajar untuk berani dan bersosialisasi di taman kanak-kanak, kami malah mengintip dari kaca jendela…

Khawatir pada si kecil yang ‘kok udah sekolah aja sih?’ (padahal sebelumnya kami memimpikan kebebasan sesaat ini, yaitu saat kalian lepas dari kami dan berada di luar rumah selama 3 jam😄)

Ibu2 memang payah, waktu kamu akhirnya bisa ‘mengusir’ kami dan dengan bahagia melepaskan diri untuk bermain bersama guru dan teman2mu di taman kanak-kanak, kami malah tercenung. Berharap agar kalian mau menggelayut manja pada kami untuk sesaat lagi saja. Entah itu minta dipeluk atau dicium yang keseribu kali sebelum mau bergabung dengan teman-teman kalian, seperti yang biasa dilakukan saat awal sekolah dulu…

Ibu2 memang payah… ketika kalian lupa membuat tugas sekolah dan baru ingat pagi harinya ketika harus dikumpulkan, kami langsung turun tangan turut membantu mengerjakan. Meski mulut tak henti mengomel, tapi sungguh hati tak tenang, takut si kesayangan mendapat hukuman dari guru di sekolah…

Ibu2 memang payah, saat kalian merengek karena ketakutan di awal masa harus tidur sendiri, kami sok kuat, sok tegar, sok tegas… padahal malamnya kami mengendap2 untuk menatap wajah tenangmu ketika tidur, dan berharap masih bisa menyesap bau harum badan kalian sebelum tidur, seperti dulu ketika kalian masih berbagi tempat tidur dengan kami…

Ah… kami memang payah… bahkan ketika kami sudah besar pun, ibu kami juga masih menganggap kami anak2, menyiapkan masakan yang lezat2 ketika kami datang berkunjung, membiarkan kami bermanja seperti ketika kami kecil dulu… itulah, itulah juga yang kami lakukan pada kalian…

Sometimes our love cloud our judgement, but you’ve spent too much time in our belly, and even more time in our heart…

Jadi maafkan kami jika kami ‘payah’ dalam menyayangi kalian 😘😘😘


taken from her facebook account

ps. I think I have a sad feeling because in a few days B will be bcak to school, and I will miss him that much. I love you kiddo!!