33/366 : #MusicMonday Coldplay – Fix You

Today is Fix You birthday. First out as a single on 2005 and then included in Coldplay third album, XY. This song reqularly comforted me in my-every-broken-heart moment for years. And I posted in my blog several times as many as I quoted the lyric to calm my shatered mind. Neverless, the album was the best album ever to sing with teary eyes.

Happy Birthday Fix You. May this song will always give me strength.

High up above or down below
When you’re too in love to let it go
But if you never try you’ll never know
Just what you’re worth

Coldplay | Fix You –

It is Monday and I am feeling blue.


22/366 : 42

I think my heart broken into pieces. Scrolled down my pages. The news gave me more and more bad news than gave me a good one. I realise know, why there were a fiction superhero. It surely because there was an anger cannot spit of from the heart, tears cannot run from the eyes and scream without voice, from ordinary person. Who needs help…and no one come, except a fiction superhero.

I wish I have a superpower. Delusion.

Those who are dead are not dead
They’re just living in my head

42 | Coldplay –

7/366 : Coldplay


Tiap kali isi kepala ini sudah bertumpuk-tumpuk tidak ada aturannya, maka satu-satunya yang bisa mengurai adalah lagu-lagu milik Coldplay. Entah apa yang mereka sisipkan dalam alunan melodinya, yang pasti mengurai rumitnya isi kepala. 

Lalu gw mulai mengeluhkan betapa musik mereka ini selalu punya mood yang berbeda. Betapa terganggunya gw dengan melodi-melodi mereka yang eksperimental dan betapa gw nyaman memejamkan mata saat lirik lagunya menyayat hati dengan melodi yang membuat air mata gw mengalir begitu saja. 

Lalu memori gw yang menghilang pasca melahirkan seperti kembali bersama lagu-lagu mereka. 



#nowplaying : Us Against the World