Mr.A choosed The Counselor for our last movie date, last week. And we ended up having tons of question about things happened in the movie.

This is an ordinary drugs-cartel movie, but wrapped in philosophical and literate words. This is simple criminal thriller movie, but added with reminder of being bad. This is a movie which advising you a good thing that you don’t want to hear. This is a lucid movie with vague factor.

I do like the movie, I do like the music, I do like the conversation, the words. The scenes are still hanging in my mind. The cheetahs and the Bolito. I didn’t read the book yet, but I imagine this should be a Cormack McCarthy audiobook with visual by Ridley Scott. And the best thing in this movie is excellent super villain acting by Cameron Diaz.

So the movie….I sum up with these quotes.

Truth has no temperature


Greed is greatly overrated. But fear isn’t.



I only know that the world in which you seek to undo your mistakes is not the world in which they were made. You are at a cross in the road and here you think to choose. But here there is no choosing. There is only accepting. The choosing was done long ago.

The Jefe

I think there’s probably only one thing reserved exclusively to the individual. Forgiveness. 
People as a group can love or hate or admire or malign. But there’s no such thing as collective forgiveness.


I suspect that we are ill-formed for the path we have chosen. Ill-formed and ill-prepared…
….but nothing is crueler than a coward, and the slaughter to come is probably beyond our imagining.


And I feel like this movie try to remind me , have I been bad? Have I asked for forgiveness?


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