See you, Copenhagen

Dear Copenhagen,
Thank you, for everything.
For your warmth, instead your cold appearance.
For your people kindness, keep me easily communicate even I spoke English more than Danish.
For your romantic scene, the beautiful sunset in autumn and the falling snow through the sunshine.
For your energetic moment when spring come.
For your summer breeze, when we played in your cold beach.
For the blue sky above my head.
For a very quite night, then I can only hear the wind blow.
For the warm neighbor, great friendship and lovely friend.
Thank you for letting us stay for 113,526,000 seconds. It brought us a lot of memories.
Thank you for made this little family grow in love.

Thank you Allah, for this chance, for Your Kindness.

So, rather a good bye…
then see you, Copenhagen.

ps. It’s been a week, and now I miss you, Copenhagen. Never thought, it will be so hard, to let this feeling go.


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