29/366 : I … Love You

Since 6 months ago, I and mr.A started (again) to ask B if he wants to sleep by himself in his room. He was 5 that time and he has his own room. He did it (before) for 3 weeks but it stopped suddenly due to our trip back to Indonesia. Since then he chose one of us to go to sleep with him all night long.

Actually I love co-sleeping with him. I and mr.A love when we both had a pillow talk a few minutes before he calmly fallen sleep. I love the smell of his baby scent and kiss him thousands time before he slept. Eventhough this  is not wise for B, I enjoyed it much.

Now he was 6 and we think it is time to convince him trying his best. I will try harder to persuade him to get in bed and sleep soundly without us beside him. I will try harder to make him believe that nothing gonna happen in his sleep because Allah always protect him and we always here with him. But maybe I’m just a mom who love his boy and his every little things.

This note is shared in facebook. I don’t know whether her account is for public or not, but I think this one is worth to share.

“Ibu-ibu Memang Payah!”

Ibu2 memang payah, waktu kamu seharusnya belajar untuk berani dan bersosialisasi di taman kanak-kanak, kami malah mengintip dari kaca jendela…

Khawatir pada si kecil yang ‘kok udah sekolah aja sih?’ (padahal sebelumnya kami memimpikan kebebasan sesaat ini, yaitu saat kalian lepas dari kami dan berada di luar rumah selama 3 jam😄)

Ibu2 memang payah, waktu kamu akhirnya bisa ‘mengusir’ kami dan dengan bahagia melepaskan diri untuk bermain bersama guru dan teman2mu di taman kanak-kanak, kami malah tercenung. Berharap agar kalian mau menggelayut manja pada kami untuk sesaat lagi saja. Entah itu minta dipeluk atau dicium yang keseribu kali sebelum mau bergabung dengan teman-teman kalian, seperti yang biasa dilakukan saat awal sekolah dulu…

Ibu2 memang payah… ketika kalian lupa membuat tugas sekolah dan baru ingat pagi harinya ketika harus dikumpulkan, kami langsung turun tangan turut membantu mengerjakan. Meski mulut tak henti mengomel, tapi sungguh hati tak tenang, takut si kesayangan mendapat hukuman dari guru di sekolah…

Ibu2 memang payah, saat kalian merengek karena ketakutan di awal masa harus tidur sendiri, kami sok kuat, sok tegar, sok tegas… padahal malamnya kami mengendap2 untuk menatap wajah tenangmu ketika tidur, dan berharap masih bisa menyesap bau harum badan kalian sebelum tidur, seperti dulu ketika kalian masih berbagi tempat tidur dengan kami…

Ah… kami memang payah… bahkan ketika kami sudah besar pun, ibu kami juga masih menganggap kami anak2, menyiapkan masakan yang lezat2 ketika kami datang berkunjung, membiarkan kami bermanja seperti ketika kami kecil dulu… itulah, itulah juga yang kami lakukan pada kalian…

Sometimes our love cloud our judgement, but you’ve spent too much time in our belly, and even more time in our heart…

Jadi maafkan kami jika kami ‘payah’ dalam menyayangi kalian 😘😘😘


taken from her facebook account

ps. I think I have a sad feeling because in a few days B will be bcak to school, and I will miss him that much. I love you kiddo!!


14/366 : The World Book Day


Last week, B’s school celebrated the world book day. Kids invited to come wearing a book character costume/mask and there were a parade together with all kids and teachers.

Actually, I persuaded B to be ‘Cat’ in Cat in the Hat, because it was easy to make, only the hat and the tie, but then he insisted to be The Lorax, after we saw a picture of the Lorax mask in pinterest (hail pinterest!!) and this mask was even easier and simpler. He loved it much and proudly walked in parade with his friends.

In the same day, the school also gave award to students who had finished the reading challenge which held for last two months. The challenge was made to encourage the kids to read book minimal 10 minutes a day and for early readers, the parents was encouraged to help the kid to read or read for the kid. This challenge is adopt from Reading Miles Global Challenge which intend to improve parental involvement in reading to children to become confident readers.


And B was proudly awarded as one of the best challenger.

4/366 : Playing Game

I and mr.A usually play board game, called Carcassonne but then we rarely played it after we had B. Nowadays, me and the boys start to play easy board game like Ludo or Ladder and Snake, almost every weekend. I even start to teach B to play chess. We enjoyed much the games.

Do we play any computer/pad/phone game? Yes, we do, indeed. B played sometimes. We downloaded a few easy games for him and played it in our pad. Mr.A plays football game in his phone. Years ago he usually played a lot a football game called Football Manager in his computer, but now, easier using the mobile version.

And me? I trapped in a game which I avoided for years because this game made my computer crashed and I almost lost all my undergraduate project report, The Sim City. Then after 12 years, I started to play the mobile version of this game and quite addiction. But I enjoyed it :).

So, do you play any game? Board game or computer game?

Winter is Here

I passed my last 4 winters in Scandic type of winter. Grey and cold. Less sunshine, but definitely white romantic. I hate the cold bit my feet, but I loved to spend my day enjoy the frozen lake, or the cold-beautiful snow.


So now, here I am. In the place where I always imagined hot and dry (yes it has on summer), actually has a nice winter, a wet and mild weather. But mostly, the amazing thing about winter here is the fog.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

I, always amused when it comes foggy day. It was a mystical time. This was a new experience too for B. He was amazed looking his surrounding was white, disappeared and slowly emerged (in the morning or reversed in the evening). He asked me and mr.A a lot, why fog is happened, why the car outside is wet while fog appear, it is few simple questions but made me think twice to make a simple and understandable answer for him.

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Fog, like its elevated cousin stratus, is a stable cloud deck which tends to form when a cool, stable air mass is trapped underneath a warm air mass.[*]


ps. updated
How bad this weather effect the daily life here? These are [1],[2],[3], the traffic surely affected.

First Summer

It’s getting colder here, I can feel the autumn wind breezes a little. Please , consider your cold degree to imagine how colder here. Colder mean, the heat not reach 40ºC anymore ;). But it means a lot to me and Bhumi. We can start playing outside in the evening and biking in the morning (while I jogged).


We came to this place in the peak of summer, when the heat up to 47ºC at noon and not even colder in the morning (43ºC) or at night (45ºC). I cannot describe how hot it was, but it WAS that HOT. The first three weeks, we had to stay in hotel while ayah tried to find an apartment, I needed to make us busy and make sure Bhumi entertained enough and had proper activity. And even when we moved to new place, we still needed stay inside, because playing outside is not our choice.




So I came across the Pinterest to find the idea ” learns through play “; to introduce alphabet , number , new English words to Bhumi while we play along. Then I helped much with Chica’s Blog and Instagram (@chiceniza) (she was a cool , stylish, creative mom ever) and Instagram coolest moms ever : Stella (@stellasutjiadi), Dian (@dianilien), Mariska (@filaeli).


I found that our limited source was worked very well. The unused box from new furniture, the plastic bottle, the cereal box, the tissue roll are amazing things I ever found in our room and very useful to make activity for Bhumi.


Or if I had no idea what to play, I just asked Bhumi to hang the laundry (this trained his soft motor skills to while pinned the laundry), cleaned the window (if it “cool” enough outside), helped me cut the vegetable or rolled the cookies dough, did the vacuuming. Or let him played with his cars.


So, our hot summer, is that hot and as I said, vivacious! We are ready for autumn winter adventure, ready to explore the beach and dessert.

ps. Oh, I documented Bhumi’s activity in instagram with #Bhumitivity ;).