32/366 : Rejection

A : He tried six times before he got the scholarship..
B : I tried 25. Only 4 close to the interview. I think I lost all my confidence now.
C : I tried 40 times, I got them after the 41. Keep trying, not counting the rejection. It helped you better in writing and answering though.


Am I ready? Better keep trying, rite?!
picture by my Favorite Illustrator : Grant Snider in Incidental Comic


30/366 : #musicMonday Twenty One Pilot : Ride

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Back to Abu Dhabi means have a long trip everywhere. For example , the nearest mall is either reached in 20-30 minutes which is 16 kms far or 20 minutes for 20 kms. We usually ride a car, the easiest the coziest. While mr.A is driving, I usually listen to the radio. My music preference is the-easy-to-listen what radio provided. So then the song from Twenty One Pilot catched my ear. The lyric said

Oh, I’m falling, so I’m taking my time on my ride

Ride | Twenty One Pilot

And suddenly I think, I guess the band or the singer should be from a place in United States. A state with long road from one city to another, so the song writer or the lead singer can spend driving to clear his mind. And  my thought was true, based on Wiki, the band , is from Ohio. No wonder the lyric became like that. 


Can a song describe a demographic condition?

Surely, I believe it can. Music had changed time to time. One genre grew and dissolved to another genre. Music is usually used as a propaganda or a campaign. Meanwhile revolution and reformation in the world also gave an effect to music, created new style of and affected the lyric. Music talked as an universal language, and passed the barrier to communicate. So, music should be a way to describe how the human races live their life.

I imagine, few thousands years later or if human races disappears, and another living creature find our music traces or records, can they describe our social life, our culture, our political view or our life style?


Because NASA try once to answer this. They sent an information to future human with Voyager Golden Record. This record contain sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth, and are intended for any intelligent extraterrestrial life form, or for future humans, who may find them.

I’ve been thinking too much
Help me.

– Ride | Twenty One Pilot

29/366 : I … Love You

Since 6 months ago, I and mr.A started (again) to ask B if he wants to sleep by himself in his room. He was 5 that time and he has his own room. He did it (before) for 3 weeks but it stopped suddenly due to our trip back to Indonesia. Since then he chose one of us to go to sleep with him all night long.

Actually I love co-sleeping with him. I and mr.A love when we both had a pillow talk a few minutes before he calmly fallen sleep. I love the smell of his baby scent and kiss him thousands time before he slept. Eventhough this  is not wise for B, I enjoyed it much.

Now he was 6 and we think it is time to convince him trying his best. I will try harder to persuade him to get in bed and sleep soundly without us beside him. I will try harder to make him believe that nothing gonna happen in his sleep because Allah always protect him and we always here with him. But maybe I’m just a mom who love his boy and his every little things.

This note is shared in facebook. I don’t know whether her account is for public or not, but I think this one is worth to share.

“Ibu-ibu Memang Payah!”

Ibu2 memang payah, waktu kamu seharusnya belajar untuk berani dan bersosialisasi di taman kanak-kanak, kami malah mengintip dari kaca jendela…

Khawatir pada si kecil yang ‘kok udah sekolah aja sih?’ (padahal sebelumnya kami memimpikan kebebasan sesaat ini, yaitu saat kalian lepas dari kami dan berada di luar rumah selama 3 jam😄)

Ibu2 memang payah, waktu kamu akhirnya bisa ‘mengusir’ kami dan dengan bahagia melepaskan diri untuk bermain bersama guru dan teman2mu di taman kanak-kanak, kami malah tercenung. Berharap agar kalian mau menggelayut manja pada kami untuk sesaat lagi saja. Entah itu minta dipeluk atau dicium yang keseribu kali sebelum mau bergabung dengan teman-teman kalian, seperti yang biasa dilakukan saat awal sekolah dulu…

Ibu2 memang payah… ketika kalian lupa membuat tugas sekolah dan baru ingat pagi harinya ketika harus dikumpulkan, kami langsung turun tangan turut membantu mengerjakan. Meski mulut tak henti mengomel, tapi sungguh hati tak tenang, takut si kesayangan mendapat hukuman dari guru di sekolah…

Ibu2 memang payah, saat kalian merengek karena ketakutan di awal masa harus tidur sendiri, kami sok kuat, sok tegar, sok tegas… padahal malamnya kami mengendap2 untuk menatap wajah tenangmu ketika tidur, dan berharap masih bisa menyesap bau harum badan kalian sebelum tidur, seperti dulu ketika kalian masih berbagi tempat tidur dengan kami…

Ah… kami memang payah… bahkan ketika kami sudah besar pun, ibu kami juga masih menganggap kami anak2, menyiapkan masakan yang lezat2 ketika kami datang berkunjung, membiarkan kami bermanja seperti ketika kami kecil dulu… itulah, itulah juga yang kami lakukan pada kalian…

Sometimes our love cloud our judgement, but you’ve spent too much time in our belly, and even more time in our heart…

Jadi maafkan kami jika kami ‘payah’ dalam menyayangi kalian 😘😘😘


taken from her facebook account

ps. I think I have a sad feeling because in a few days B will be bcak to school, and I will miss him that much. I love you kiddo!!

25/366 : Rest in Peace Muhammad Ali


No, I have One bodyguard.

He has no eyes though He sees. He has no ears though He hears. He remembers everything with the aid of mind and memory. When He wishes to create a thing, He just orders it to be and it comes into existence, but this order does not convey the words which takes the tongue to form like our sound carries ears. He hears the secrets of those on the quite thoughts. He stops those whom, whose that?

That’s God Allah. He’s my bodyguard. He’s your bodyguard. He’s the Supreme, The Wise.

Muhammad Ali, in question if he has bodyguard

May Allāh (ﷻ) forgive your shortcomings MuhammadAli‬ & may Allāh (ﷻ) give you a big big Jannah. Amīn.

22/366 : 42

I think my heart broken into pieces. Scrolled down my pages. The news gave me more and more bad news than gave me a good one. I realise know, why there were a fiction superhero. It surely because there was an anger cannot spit of from the heart, tears cannot run from the eyes and scream without voice, from ordinary person. Who needs help…and no one come, except a fiction superhero.

I wish I have a superpower. Delusion.

Those who are dead are not dead
They’re just living in my head

42 | Coldplay –

20/366 : Illiterate

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 12.48.30.png

I think more people became ignorant while hate is a big bussines. Hoax is the new truth. People not even have time to read what they shared. Quoted with no prove. Illiterate.

The illiterate of 21th century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.

Avin Toffler

While the truth became grey, everything can be true or definitely wrong. Spreading widely with no barrier.


A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.

Mark Twain

A TED-Ed lesson about How False News Can Spread by Noah Tavlin.

Be smart, better be wise.